Arthur Murch made a third trip to Central Australia in 1964. This trip was funded by John Brackenreg from Artarmon Galleries. John was a loyal supporter of Murch over many years.

Here are some of the fruits of this trip: paintings produced over the ensuing year – 1965 and photographs taken as aide memoir.

Murch-showing-3-more-for-web Hermannsburg-Matron-for-web


Sketch-for-Hermannsburg-group-64-for-web Hermannburg-group-64-for-web-2 Hermannsburg-group-seated-B&W-for-web Display-of-3-CA-artworks-for-web Hermannsburg-house-2for-web Hermannsburg-house

Main Street, Hermannsburg 1964 oil on masonite 28 x 38 cm

Another-3-CA-works-display-for-web IMG_2982Hermannsburg-Streetfor-web


Hermannsburg-street-B&Wfor-web Image-2-for-web

The Sphinx – Mt Olga 1965 oil on masonite 36 x 18 cm



Storm over Mt Olga oil on board 44.5 x 59.8 cm The Stuartholme-Behan Collection of Australian Art, The University of Queensland. Photo Carl Warner



The Hermannsburg Settlement 1964 oil on masonite 48.3 x 73.5 cm